Welcome to my Tradepost! My name is Helena and I'm available via email and on Discord. I'd love to trade with you! If you have a new TCG going up, please feel free to send it my way!


Hey guys! Just updating to say I'm still here and updating each section when there's an update or goodies. Thinking of everyone right now. Be safe!

Intrinsic is now closed until a new host takes over. :(

Happy late Valentine's Day! Intrinsic is coming back and has a tentative update of February 19, 2020. Pubs & Puddles is tentatively returning as well. Unsure of date at the moment.

Took out Pubs & Puddles, Intrinsic, Delectable and Novella. Not sure if they are all inactive or dead sites.

Happy New Year! This TCG Tradepost is normally updated and checked on daily. Please check my logs to get a more accurate update.

BIGScreen is on Hiatus. I removed them from the top bar until they come back.

Added several TCGs over the course of a few days. I'd love to trade with you!

Thanks to Kayori for not only hosting my tradepost, but helping me transfer over and build the site! Please bare with me as I'm still in the process of refreshing my knowledge on HTML.